Ville Valo to IL:

"That’s why I’m not on FB". Musician swears on benefits of exercise and does not want to hang out in social media.

  HIM frontman Ville Valo is walking and cycling nowadays whenever possible. The album length and the miles cycling from home to the studio on daily basis comes to about twelve. 

  “It’s not at all much”, he shrugs.

   On overall well-being in making music, he swears on benefit of exercise. "I have never understood the methodology that you step out of the cars and think the interior of the gym will force you do something repetitions. The same thing at home when you carry trash bags to the yard. Depends, of course, if the bags are heavy", he smiles.

   Not hanging out on social media sites, but rather seeing his friends face to face. "I do not have Facebook and I do not have Twitter. I do not need to update publicly what I ate for lunch". He believes that those who are really interested in his doings, hear things directly from the man himself.

-Satisfied with what’s on the plate-

    Positioned among Finland’s internationally most successful bands HIM will release eight studio album, Tears On Tape in April. Valo is very happy with the new piece.
    “I believe that the outcome will be successful. You eventually turns yourself immune to your own bullshit after you hear the finished product dozens and dozens of times. The audience will decide how to take the album”, he smiles.

    HIM album release tour starts in April. Germany and England will be followed by a North America and Europe in the summer.
"At some point, we should start to practice for the upcoming gigs, new album promo; this job will be strict in the following weeks", Ville sighs.

   Valo’s own favorite songs from the upcoming album will be released as singles; Into The Night in Finland and in the German market, the album’s title track Tears On Tape.

   ”They are both with fun atmosphere and they work very well in the Finnish summer night campfire tents midst of the bottle in circle moves forward”, he thinks.

Translation by HeartagramTEAM

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